Here is a treat for Nov. 18-19.

Nancy could impeach Kamala.  This is funny–senile Joe and a VP who comes out like a ground hog.  She should be appointed to the Supreme Court.

They love you Joe.

The Liberals have shown their true principles the last 5 years, lying, violence, and every conceivable criminal act.

You haven’t seen price increases yet.


Race and Trump are the only two things the dems and media have to run on or talk about.

The reason for Nancy Pigleosi’s lack of ethics has been discovered, she has no soul.  We all knew that.


The Honest Editor:  Who do you trust, LL ?

I Cannot Tell A Lie Cat:  I only trust or believe people I know or those who have earned my trust.

The R’s don’t trust or want Liz.

These people trusted their fertility clinic.  If the couples hadn’t been of different races the truth would have never surfaced.

Usually the hospital mixes up the babies.  Most need to use what is used on cows, with so many nurses being fired for not vaxxing.

People are having so much sex in Spain that endangered plants are at risk.  I guess they have large beach towels.

A female soccer star has teammate beaten with iron bars so she can get more playing time.

This coach’s poor hire and management is how the dems feel about Joe.  The coach isn’t 30 Trillion in debt.

CNN trusts the Communist Chinese Government.  AT&T owns CNN.

God shows Zuckercreep how things work.

Here is a country song to honor the recent CMA awards, and Joe Biden.


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