This is great.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Capitalism is the worst economic system in the world, except for all the others.

One more Democratic National Committee ( Hillary ) cohort gets indicted.

The Republicans should include this in their programs.

Liberalism is for losers.

Send money to Rittenhouse.


Manchin exposes budget gimmicks that make it seem smaller, and Joe’s tax cut for the rich.

After Britney’s free the breast photos, free the nipples was next.


The History Editor:  Do cats have memoirs and autobiographies, LL ?

Everything You Wanted To Know Cat:  We sure do, but nine lives are hard to keep up with.  The trouble with memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies is you never know who is telling the truth.  Two have been announced recently,  let’s take a peek.

Another is Karen Grassle from the TV series ” Little House on the Prairie “.

For our many history fans, Little House was a best selling book series.  As has become a custom, it has been called a racist book because of language referring to Indians ( not Native Americans ).  Liberal/Radicals want to sanitize history, and make it politically correct.  They are the same people burning down our sanctuary cities.

Another one pops up by Natalie Wood’s sister.   I don’t know about anonymous reports and 70 year old secrets.  Remember Alexander Vindman and the Ukraine lies.  Pigleosi didn’t want to even release his name for the impeachment scam.

A fourth one is released.  Don Knotts, sexy–why not.

Here is a little more Hollywood.  Harrison Ford is old enough for the Supreme Court, President, or HOR Speaker.

Biden wants 5 dollars a gallon gas to make electric cars more appealing.

I guess it’s all just memories.


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