Good Night Now…Little GTO

4 thoughts on “Good Night Now…Little GTO

  1. My girlfriend back in the day, who is now, my wife had access to a car like that. Her father , an engineer at Texas Instruments drove a 1965 Lavender GTO, four speed, two four barrels and redline Goodyear tires. For some reason, he would let her drive the car once in a while. She would cruise into Plano, make a few spins around the Dairy Queen and challenge the local punks to a drag. Plenty of the football bunch took her up on it. Funny thing, we all drove muscle cars back then. V8’s with floor shifts, capable of 130 mph on an easy day, and no one thought anything of it. She shut everyone she raced down. I drove a Chevy Malibu with a 327 and knew darn well I couldn’t beat that car, so I never tried. My buddy Ken, had a Dodge RT Challenger 440 hemi, and he couldn’t beat that car. We have a model of a 1965 Lavender GTO sitting on our bar just to remind us.

    • WOW, Phil…I can just imagine that! It sounds like scenes from American Graffiti. I think that is why I loved that movie so much. Memories from the good old days. Drive-In Hamburger Joints, Courthouse Squares, Drive In Movies, etc. Young people content to drive around, drag race and go dancing. Yes, I miss a little gathering place called The Teen Club. Music & dancing…so much fun, so much energy to burn. Youth was a beautiful thing!

    • I drive a Toyota! Who would have thought that in our youth, Phil. They would have ran us out of town and branded us as Communist…LOL

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