If you can watch this, you can watch the Democrats in Congress.  They look like democrats searching for a no bid government contract for their spouse.

Joe runs a travel agency for illegals.

A great deal on pizza.

This is another lie.  The President is responsible for all of his appointees, and their actions.  There is no White House says–The President says !!!   FJB

New York’s legal system is a complete failure.  What reasonable people would continue to put up with this crap ?


This is how serious local school officials are about controlling you and your children.  They have dossiers like Hillary and the Steele stooge made up about Trump.

The Weekly Bee.

Californians voted for it, and doubled-down when they didn’t recall Nancy’s Nephew.  $6.00 is coming.


The Interested Editor:  Do you know the purpose of government, LL ?

No Doubt Cat:  I sure do, it has expanded to include almost everything that people do.  The A # 1, Uno, Choice, most important duty of government is to protect people.  AN HONEST PRESS IS NECESSARY FOR A FREE PEOPLE.  The first link is an example of a political party running a news organization.

The next link is what actually happened.

Tulsi must be running for Democratic President.  She is right about who owns the riots, but where has her voice been for the last 5 years.

When the government won’t protect you, it is everyone for her/him self.  The sanctuary states/cities will soon have more war lords, gang members, drug dealers, BLM/Antifa, and other paid criminals.

It starts in the schools and stays with the kids as they turn into killers.

The only people protected in America are Federal Politicians.  The Federal Government, DNC, and MSM are feces.

The Boomers only protect their families.


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