Joe was right about the proposed new bill costing O–nine of them–preceded by 367.  The cost will be $ 367,000,000,000 BILLION.

$ 367,000,000,000  BILLION DEFICIT


This is one of Joe’s nominees.

If your kid’s Vaccinate Me Elmo doll is stuck on a ship in California, they can watch this until next October, when the ships will be unloaded.

Taxi-taxi !!!

I wish the dems would pass this.

Karma might be visiting Jerry.  After his traitorous actions in Trump’s impeachment, I hope he lives for 20 more years as a vegetable.  I hope Nancy and Adam Schiff join Jerry tomorrow.  I hope fentanyl can’t reduce their pain.


This is amazing.  Yale is a private university in Connecticut, but similar conditions are in most public schools.  That’s why it cost a fortune to get a worthless degree in How To Protest Against Democracy.

Sometimes the unexpected is welcome.


The Grimm Editor:  What’s going on with The Pied Piper, LL ?

New York Rat Cat:   Some people like rats.

Ghislaine has a rat-roomate.  Ben & Jerry are rats.

Here is a famous story of the Pied Piper.  Pied means multicolored clothes in this story.

In modern America the MSM is the Pied Piper.  Children are once again the victims.  Just like in ancient times he who pays the Piper calls the tune.  Multi national companies in our case.

Joe and Kamala’s approval comes to 54 %, if you add both together.


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