Here is our latest killer.  We will see if CNN and MSNBC report it.


More on the Wisconsin tragedy.

This is funny.  Loyal reader MST said it was a special delivery–38 Special.

San Francisco voted for the riots.  They will be continued until they reach the politician’s mansions.  Nancy is one, we sure hope she stays well.

Enes Kanter continues to fight Chinese and NBA slavery.  The media has put their money on the commies.

The FDA wants 55 years to release data on COVID vaccine.  Maybe by then the feds can release the data on JFK’s murder.

The WTA is concerned about a missing Chinese tennis player.  The NBA and NIKE are as quiet as church mice.

Disney seals the deal.


Fulton County is one of the seven counties with major problems in 2020.  Trump should not mention it anymore if he runs again.

Trump has a photo book.

Smile and say cheese.


The Perry Mason Editor:  Is this your last report on the Rittenhouse Trial, LL ?

Justice Cat:  Yes, it’s time to put this trial away.  This trial, just like The Never Trumper’s, isn’t about BLM, Antifa, or justice.  It was about the Radical Democrats destroying America.  Read the past 5 years of The Sphinx.  Here is a synopsis of the trial.

The riots will continue forever or until the Governors/Mayors of the sanctuary states and cities are prosecuted.

I hope Kyle gets the best libel/slander lawyer in America to sue the news organizations and individuals listed below.

Joe continues to be a hate-monger.  Maybe KARMA is listening.

The media was forced to pay in these are two cases.

He should sue BLM.  Any money would be Heaven sent.

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