Biden wire, once called razor wire, is the new national symbol.  Biden will add it to the Presidential Seal.

Call the looters/thieves/crooks in California undocumented shoppers.

Our armed forces are paid so little that a 6 % inflation makes thousands more eligible for food stamps.  Lloyd Austin, once you get the White Supremacist locked up, what about a 15 % pay raise.  You SUX–You and Milley.

The Navy and Marines should request the same treatment as illegals.

News organizations haven’t changed.


Missing Peng Shuai has turned up.


The Thankful Editor:  Are you ready for some turkey, LL ?

The   Cat:  I sure am.  I have to eat quickly, before the L-tryptophan  makes me sleepy.  Here is a little history.

Don’t forget the Macy’s Parade.

This is a Tar Heel’s old timey thanks.

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