Ghislaine’s trial starts today.

The Solomon Islands are acting like New York City.

This will be your first Black Female & Female full time President.

Joe gets dirtier air with his Green Policy.

Joe ignores The Supremes for a fourth time.


More toad venom.

Texans tell Beto to leave.


The MD Editor:  What is your health article about, LL ?

Cat Doctors Of America:  Here are some recommended vaccines or shots for toddlers.  Many are for new born babies.  Some schedules seem to be over thirty shots, they are hard to keep track of.

They can say what they want about autism and vaccines, it is almost nonexistent in the Amish community.  Puppy killer now wants babies vaccinated.

Biden’s HHS Secretary & Fauci want all Americans to use this COVID treatment by 1-1-22

Moving on to other items, check out these two versions.  I believe the one with less involvement of the MSM.

Skateboards and Thanksgiving.

Janet has a deal for you.

Here is Maureen O’Sullivan on David Letterman.  She swam to keep in shape.  She is swimming naked with Tarzan in the second video at 14 seconds.

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