Twitter Head Censor is retiring and moving to China.  Rumors say he will become a Kung Fu Priest like Master Po.


Nick Saban tells Alabama fans to have a little class.  As things turned out, 2 points are as good as 20.

GoFundMe wants to stay on your good side.

The Salvation Army only wants Woke Money.  If you have some racist money send it to me and I will cleanse it before forwarding to the SA.  If that doesn’t work for you send it to Hunter/Joe Biden, they are the best at laundering money.


San Francisco is out of drinking water.

The Wayback Machine returns us to 1941.


The Print & Pixel Editor:  Is this your annual Communication Seminar, LL ?

Zoom Cat:  It sure is, here are some tips.  Don’t give speeches if you are retarded.

How about letting your goofy-press-people tackle some serious issues ? 

Hire some Asians, maybe even some Taiwanese to show China who is boss.

A great future in communication can belong to your stupid voters with a little encouragement.

When your news people complete LGBTQI school send them to our finishing school.  We will teach them how to take bad news and pain.  It will come in handy when the Ruskies invade Ukraine and China invades Taiwan.

The only things missing are the internet and Smartphones.


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