What morons in government would buy oil that American refiners won’t touch.  It goes to Joe’s buddies in China & India.


Canada opens strategic reserve–of Maple Syrup.  IHOP stock rises 4 points.

The Weekly Bee.

Chicago sounds safer.

Jussie gets justice.


This is obscene.  America needs to crash.


The Fauna Editor:  This is an animal that was shunned by society until recently.  Now they are in the open, teaching 5 year old children about anal sex and masturbation.  Their habitat includes anywhere children are located.  Their major supporters are Liberal Democrat child molesters of like mind.  Two important groups are Union School Teachers and College Professors.

Colorado doesn’t want to offend sex criminals.  Rioters and arsonist are peaceful protesters–ask CNN & NBC.

These are winning animal photos.

Here is a Snow Leopard ( almost ).

The Leopard should remind our loyal readers that once you see the Liberal Radical Democrats you should be able to point them out to others.

Our animal in chief has a problem.  This girl is wise to him.

A lot of life happens at night.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have night photos of politicians in D.C. ?

Salmon says we like oxy.

This is for the American hating groups and individuals–especially politicians.


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