The dems appear to be in a tight spot with senile Joe, and Supreme Court bound Kamala.   It is too funny.  It looks like BLM is on the ground with gas cans.

The barn-loft dwellers look like Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler.

America needs a pressure washing with Clorox.  What’s the real number of times Epstein visited Ole Bill.

Look out, look out.

The Ghislaine trial.

Thinking Americans agree–FJB.

Twitter & TikTok will just get worse on censorship and hate speech.  Oh, don’t forget Disney.

California has a new Republic.


The Mets must be making money.

Only dems believed inflation was transitory ( walls don’t work-yea-those same guys and gals ).

This is a colorless-ugly tree.


The This and That Editor:  Are you ready for Christmas, LL ?

The Season Cat:  I sure am, first let’s get these articles out of the way.

Two weddings are in the news.  Lindsay Lohan’s dress will be cocaine-white to match her coke mustache.  Teenvogue ?

This is too funny, not to mention.  Kamala might be advised ” Do not go gently into the good night. “

Can you imagine Joe’s life expectancy if Hillgal was VP ?  It would be that of a Fruit Fly.

Does Joe have a look alike ?

The Clintons have lost their ability to grant political favors/contracts to large companies.

CNN has a new show.

The Secret Service has a heartthrob.

Joe is bringing us together.


  1. Kamala and the Democrats are in a tight spot. When Joe is kicked out I will be appointed VP. It will be like the good old days.

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