Funny.  Kamala asked her husband if he wanted to swap seats.

Too much news is happening.

The supply chain still reaches to China.

Fredo’s exit from CNN because of various slimy actions and sex accusations has left CNN short a pervert, they might hire Bill Cosby to replace him or outsource his job to MSNBC.

Americans should keep working on the 2022 elections.  The dems will screw you again.

This is bizarre.

The feds try to apply justice.


Maybe Lloyd Austin and Milley should lock up the explosives and forget about WOKE.

Trump has a Florida meeting.


The Empty Old Files Editor:  Are you ready to clean up 2021 files, LL ?

Amigo Will Like That Cat:  I sure am.  I was hoping to cover the Ruskies invading Ukraine, and China invading Taiwan but that can wait.  Pollsters are reporting that the dems are sucking.  Here are some of the real reasons.  They open the borders, say inflation is good, let every felon in sanctuary states out of prison, lie, cheat, steal, and kill.  Then they blame someone else like this DA blames his assistant.

A SUV ran over the Waukesha’s Christmas marchers not a criminal, according to CNN.  Alec’s gun fired on its own.  These should be in the Machine Article.  Machines and tools have developed a mind of their own.

Yellen meant to say that inflation wasn’t transitory, but will be with us until Trump or DeSantis cleans it up.

We all know about Slick Willy and his rapes.

After over two years Jussie is finally getting justice.  His lawyer said the judge tried to kill her in his chambers.

LeBron is a baby.—-you

New York dems continue to let anyone vote–rats will be next.

California is really running out of water.  Pigwoman  ( Pigleosi ) is moving to Florida.

Taylor Swift makes music history, but is her song important ?


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