Joe removes 6 grandchildren’s stockings rather than to put up one for little baby Arkansas.

The liberals are winners.

The feds will protect you.–kills-millions-update-no-wait-its-just-the-government


Israel lets beauties enter.

Guns are not needed.


The Absolutely, Positively Has To Get There Overnight Editor:  What is going on with FedEx, LL ?

UPS Cat:  It is a long story.  The driver’s story keeps changing.  At first he said that a ship unloaded in California and they were surprised to have many loads of Chinese stuff to deliver.

TAPHTGTOC:  I guess with so much time off the driver was overwhelmed.

That wasn’t the problem, he was a contract worker for the USPS and Democratic Party.  When the Post Office had too much mail they would hire him to dump it in the woods.

He worked for the Democrats dumping Republican Ballots in trash dumps.

He was working for NBC when he was caught trying to find the homes of the Rittenhouse jury members.

Here is another driver who should be able to sue the Mayor and Governor for not arresting BLM killers.  Sue BLM for mental suffering.

Technology solves a cold case murder.

95 percent of the media are corporate owned, and pushing the BLM-CRT feces.

Here is a warning.  You could put these on tools/machines stored outside and track their theft.

Santa Anita is still losing horses.


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