Sheila’s Understanding of Californians

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“I have noticed that a large number of people are implying, with bad jokes and anecdotes, that people from California are not real smart. I would like to state for the record that I disagree with that assessment.

Anyone who would build cities on the San Andreas Fault and in the path of the annual Santa Ana winds….and then fill those cities with Democrats…

is a Damn Genius.”


5 thoughts on “Sheila’s Understanding of Californians

  1. A great big AMEN Sheila…

    Now if only the quakes start soon and they are swallowed up by the earth. That would be a great help for the American people especially if the Nancy Beast were there at the time…

  2. California is a beautiful State with some real Idiots that has managed things terribly bad. I know when we were stationed at Camp Pendleton in the early 70’s I loved it and enjoyed being there so much then. I am sure I would not at all now.

    • Mary, the last time I visited that state back in 1998 the only things I found that were worth saving were the railroad museums and the tourist trains that run in the state.
      This includes the Cable cars in SF.
      Other than that very little and now there is only the trains, the rest can all go flat earth for all I care.

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