COVID-19 variants will be with us forever, like the common cold or yearly flu.


The Sphinx wishes Lucy & Desi were President and VP.  Having someone with morals in the White House would be a blessing.

The sanctuary/dem/MSM cities will kill off their residents given enough time.

Dr. Oz looks like a Romney supporter.


We sure hope the arson at the News Corp Christmas Tree doesn’t spread to MSM locations.

Biden offers Putin Finland.

The waiting line to unload ships reaches half the way to China.


The Jetsons Editor:  Is the future really here again, LL ?

2199 Cat:  It sure is, this is a new building going up it the Sunshine State.  All people in America will get one of these sky houses.  The rich politicians and other millionaires will pay for these luxurious sky homes with their own money.

I was assured that these buildings will be built on bedrock, unlike some buildings.

Who is running America ?

The bodies should be divided among Nancy and Joe’s vacation homes.

Get your little girl or transboy a Greta Doll for Christmas.  They are probably stuck on ships in Frisco Bay.  They can sit on the dock with Otis and watch the tide roll away.


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