Republicans should be on the border passing out promises and spending money.

Rashida is the reason that HOR members should be checked for guns and be deloused every day.


What is fishy here ?   The FDA wants 75 years to release vaccine data.  Maybe President JFK’s evidence will be released at the same time.  America’s government needs some fine tuning.  Google–French Revolution.

XI will outsmart Joe.


The Sheikh Of Arabia Editor:  Do you miss the Middle East, LL ?

Days Of Our Lives Cat:  It was OK when I was reporting on Sadam and war criminals Bush 43, Obama, and Hillgal.  There was a bunch of sand.  They made hour glasses from some of it.  Of course you had to dress appropriately for the times.

I guess camels are no different than the Hollywood creeps, or just fools.

Here are some serious camels.

Biden warns Putin.

This is comedy, don’t send me any woke complaints.


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