Both of the Cuomos missed the party.  Maybe the CNN pedophiles attended.


If you want to buy any of the listed durable goods, wait 3 years.

NASA gets some pop from the sun.


One man’s lights.

School teachers and administrators are tied with politicians in criminal, sloven, repulsive decisions.


The Breakfast Editor:  Do the dems, msm, BLM, Antifa, and left wing radical commies have violent members, LL ?

Bread And Butter Cat:  They sure do, they have more criminals on their payroll than Battle Creek has Corn Flakes.  Speaking of cereals, the left-leaning Kellogg’s bunch of pinkos are screwing Americans, and I haven’t heard one snap from the dems.

All of their Pixies are Whiter than Pocahontas.

CNN is a filthy division of AT&T.  They are just nasty.

Here are some tips for a Merry Christmas, for our married loyal readers.

Here is some crackle, maybe.

This has all three.

Karl adds some boom.

Apple’s Watch crystals are POPPING out, and can injure you.

Our snake oil salesman keeps popping up.

Trump is out of office, but is still trying to catch Hunter Biden.

An unusual story of Miley Cyrus, she is wearing clothes.

Gene and Rudolph.


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