CNN, owned by AT&T, needs to be closed for lack of morals.


Who got away with screwing more Americans, Joe, Nancy, Schumer or Greta Garbo ?

Sometimes you get lucky.


The Traveling Editor:  Where are some good places to go, LL ?

Me And A Dog Named Boo Cat:  I have some good places.  Puerto Rico is turning some heads.  They don’t show the slums and crooked politicians, but D.C. doesn’t either.

Get a super yacht.

This home in Ratcity is almost free.

Biden should live here.  It’s a good place to hide.

Here are several locations.

The greatest home on Earth.

This is better than reading about the bigot Unjoy unreid.  She could get Cuomo’s time slot.

The Weekly Bee.

Massachusetts State Troopers have extra training.

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