What A Year Editor:  Are you cleaning up 2021, LL ?

Out With The Old Cat:  Amigo said either the old stuff goes or else.  These are important articles that need to be read, but I don’t have room/time to do a regular article.

Real Estate agents don’t list crime in their listings.  What else are they lying about concerning the house they want to sell you ?  Maybe their full time job is on the School Board.

Billionaires own the voting booths, and Congress.

The dems keep nominating commies and approving them.  Elect some Republican Senators.

One less racist-bigot.  Go to DC and work for Judge Sullivan, or Joyless Reid.

The problem is he isn’t a politician.

COVID variants will be here forever.

Bees are great.

Monkeys, baboons, etc., are nasty killers, just like Democrats.  I don’t believe this article, where are the videos ?

This is a long article–take a break.


After half the politicians in New York City have been kicked out for sex crimes,  they have turned to blow-up dolls.

Even United is endorsing blow-ups, or as the doll union demands–Plastic Inflatable People ( PIP ).

In California the favorite pick up line is,  I have a generator/fire truck.  In New York City it is, I have an air compressor.

Is this what happened ?

Embrace our Brown Brothers/Sisters.

California dems breed violence, but the killers stay out of the rich neighborhoods.

Check those 5G radiation protectors.

The Navy has new uniforms for pregnant members.

For our history challenged readers.


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