Information is hard to find.  I see one death from Omicron in America.  The victim had other health issues.


The Miss America Pageant Turns 100.

Here is another 100 .


The Boss says adios.

We know D.C. Mayor Bowser is a crook.


The Stage And Screen Editor:  Can you save our loyal readers some entertainment money, LL ?

The Great White Way Cat:  I sure can, The Great White Way is entertainment mumbo-jumbo for the Theater district in NYC.  Spielberg just had a redo of West Side Story that crashed like the Hindenberg.  It is produced in Spanish with no English subtitles.  He and the performers said Americans were disrespecting Spaniards for not learning Spanish.

Spielberg and his actors from Spain should go back to Spain and kill some defenseless bulls.

Disney also had trouble in Disney World.  They were charging $3,000.00 a night for a sleazy room.  I think you had to speak Hindi and wear a red dot.

The Magic Kingdom almost burned down.  They would have charged Orlando for the show.

TSASE:  Do you still dislike Disney, TGWWC ?

I sure do, they own ABC and ESPN among other media companies.

This is high entertainment, from a morally, ethically, lifetime taxpayer blood sucker.  Bill and Hill are two, of the about 50, politicians that I hope to live long enough to write RIP after their names.

Loyal reader MST has always said, “don’t count Hillary out until she sleeps with the fishes.”


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