The dems have a plan.  When everyone is in a traffic jam from Miami to Tallahassee, BLM criminals are going to rob each car.

How much more are you spending for the same items ?  Joe is your man, Pigleosi is your skank.

The word “Diet” is disappearing from the names of food and drink.


Joe and Fauci are watching.  Click the cartoon.


The Crude Editor:  What’s up with energy, LL ?

Brrrrr Cat:  The usual stuff.  Here are some links to refresh the memory of our loyal readers.  We all know the wind and sun are great renewable energy sources.  Joe’s new BBB plans will put you in an igloo.

Almost everything you buy has some petroleum extract in it, from medicine to cosmetics.  Here are a few products that use petroleum.

A new Weekly Bee.

The next big push will be home/work/road charging stations for electric vehicles.  Who will get the contracts, and who will build the units ?  Political butt buddies, and the Chinese.

America has played around for 20 years and allowed the Chinese to get another head start.

I hope  attorney fees bankrupt him.

I hope the conservatives win the HOR and start their own investigations–going back to 2017.

New York City bans natural gas in new buildings.

Jimmy Caaarter is a bonafide hero.


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