You can party 5 days earlier.


The dems want to squash the California Solar Industry.

Manchin the magnificient.

Some predictions for 2022.


Spider-Man gets a good review.


The End Of Year Editor:  What is breaking, LL ?

What A Story Cat:  We learned that the dems are going to run Jimmy Caarter in 2024.  He still has four years left.  Here are some old videos of his very successful Presidency.

TEOYE:  Will that get the Republicans motivated, WASC ?

It sure will.  He is bringing this Seventies crime fighting trio back to settle the uneasy Americans that are afraid to come out from their barricades to get their 10 th COVID vaxx and booster.

TEOYE:  Was that a mine they were in, WASC ?

It sure was, they were chasing Americans that tried to steal coal from a closed mine.  Millions have frozen to death.

We realize it’s too late for most of these items, maybe the ships will be unloaded by next Christmas.

These guys should be in Congress, and let HOR members make windmills.


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