Here is a little history, and a little about how people survive tough times.  The author is MST’s Grandson.  If you are in “The Big Easy”, say hi.


Georgia, USA, gets a Space Port, next door to Cumberland.


The R’s need to keep the pressure on Uncle Joe.

These could apply to politicians.


The End Of Year Editor:  What is going on with the Democratic Training Center, LL ?

The Expose Cat:  My Satan/Demon Reporter located the places where the dems swap their souls for some trinkets.  Here are the links–in no particular order.

The Scots are even giving pardons for old indiscretions.

The Monkey Diary.  This is a Democratic story hatched by Hillgal and the Russian Collusion dems.

The Chinese are taking over the Pacific region, but don’t worry 33 members of Congress are getting bribes.  Joe and Hunter are probably involved.

The Biden’s surprise us again.


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