Colorado has some terrible fires.


These are minor violations.  Hunter has more crimes than their entire report.  Influence pedaling must be exempt.

Millions of Americans want to rehome Joe & Kamala, like Major the dog was sent to another home.

America is still doomed.


If the Wuhan Flu doesn’t kill you, killer robots willrobinson.


You never know.  Maybe you will find a birth certificate of someone famous.

Quitting the business or taking tax money from schools are about the only options.


The Environment Editor:  What is your environment story, LL ?

Yowwwwwlll Cat:  They finally managed something right in Yellowstone.  If you quit poisoning the environment it can rebound.

In some cases nature needs help in killing infected animals or animals out of control in habitats where they aren’t a natural species.

Rodents are a problem in many places.

Videos of Nancy and Schumer after Manchin’s decision.

Here is another experiment gone awry.  Sanctuary states/cities letting criminals run wild—until they rob and kill the rich or politicians.  See previous Sphinxes for articles.  It’s funny to me –let them kill each other.

This would be a great idea if it is rechargeable.

Adolf and Eva practice their salutes.×480.jpg

What an athlete.


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