Here is D.C. run by Mayor Bowser and Pigleosi as Speaker Of The House oversight of the federal district.  The dems want your children.


Unmask if you feel lucky.

DeSantis should be President or VP.


The Clothed Editor:  What is our naked city, LL ?

Skyscraper Cat:  It’s New York City.  Here is a ( repeated from Monday ) police party, and a NYPD Assistant Commissioner  using a helicopter to go to Philadelphia and back.  He probably didn’t want to miss the party

The LT just wanted to go where everyone knew his name.

Everything is fake, cops, mayors, politicians, journalist, and news.

Peng Shuai changes her story.  I wonder where XI Peng has her family making Nikes or Apple Watches.

Mayor Lightfoot wants to federalize her police powers.

Sometimes it isn’t easy to talk.  Keep your mask on and mumble like Biden.

Arnold is helping.


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