We hope our New York readers have time for some snow fun.


The once grand, Consumer Electronic Show ( CES ) is on hard COVID times.


This will be most successful used as a sex enhancer.  Maybe Miley can do a commercial.

The Bee.


The Holy Editor:  Have you become a Christian, LL ?

Mohamad Abul Del Nacho Cat:  That’s personal, but here is one thing from the Ancients that is true.  You reap what you sow.

I’m tired of politics, but it never ends.  The Liberal Left, dems, and media wanted no police, no jails, no cash bails, in short, no punishment.  They have it in the sanctuary states/cities.  After billions in damage and over a hundred people killed, the rich and politicians decided that it was a bad policy.  The reason is, eventually the animals turn on them.

Here are some interesting links.  Maybe there is a Santa.

I can’t concentrate while reading this article.

People are tired of the lies, Al-Jazeera has a more honest organization.

These songs are late for Christmas 2021, but might not be around for Christmas 2022.


2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—GALATIANS 6:7

    • You are a tad bit late for the Christmas Song this year, Barry…but this will be his long-term address after the midterm elections: c/o Sing Sing Correctional Facility…Ossining, New York

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