Maybe God will mess with Pigleosi and her slimy buddies.


The New Year hasn’t changed Miley or our Billionaires.


This might help protect your privacy, but I doubt it.

Those ole jokers.  They have everything you have ever written.


This isn’t new.

What is going on ?


The Past Editor:  Are you looking into the past, LL ?

Transitory Cat:  Just for a moment, like Biden’s transitory inflation, Southern invasion, etc.  I hope this will tie up 2021.  I might recruit these writers for The Sphinx.

This might be two unwoke productions.

The dems warrior is a befuddled loser.  They think we are Yorkies.

Our archive doesn’t have film of any Yorkshire Terriers, but this is a classic about Corgi’s.  Pigelosi and Schiff are letting them loose to find anything about Trump.

One more look at Saint Nick, as the Alabama people call him.  The Republicans shouldn’t take any wins for granted in 2022, the media will be 99% rat poison.

The more things change the more they remain the same.

One look back to Berry Gordy-Motown-and a doo-wop girl group.  RIP  Wanda Young.



  1. The Corgi’s remind me of the HOR committees searching for anything on Trump. The January 6 joke being the latest. The dogs smell better and have less cooties.

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