Anybody flying or traveling with three days notice of weather or COVID problems is a fool.  As MST wrote last year, can you imagine the snowbound travelers in electric cars ?   Senator Kaine and Governor Northam probably had to leave a Klan meeting early.    FJB—LGB


From ancient history.

Technology marches on.


Move to Greenland.

CNN needs some new employees.  If your child sex crime is beyond the statute of limitations you are welcome.


The Bekins Editor:   Where is everyone going, LL ?

Where Are Your Papers Cat:  Everyone is going to a better place.  Pretty soon America will be like Casablanca in WW 2.

Too many New York teachers/administrators aren’t moving to prison.

Too many judges are also crooks.

Congress is allowing more monopolies to shift cattle ranchers to the poor house.

DUCKDUCKGO is moving up.

Movement on the charts.

Move to Bangor.

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