Skanky Nancy,  what an old swamp sow.  We know they are in trouble when the new meanings are released.


What covers !


More news on the new Webb Telescope, and photos from Hubble.

Here are some favored names.

Justice is served.


Washington, D.C. needs about 20 of these.  Pigleosi would nationalize Orkin.

Don’t forget Chip Chip.


The 2 Editor:  Do you have predictions for 2022, LL ?

Nine Lives Cat:  I sure do.  Before this year is over everyone might wish for nine lives.  My first link is from an old Frenchy.

Another prediction.

This is The End Date 2-22-22.  The concoction these witches brewed will taste like a fine meal for this Doomsday year.

The rich New Yorkers will be lucky and thankful to catch a fine New York Sewer Rat, maybe even a Gambian Pouched Rat.

Amazon & Facebook will continue to get passes from Congress.

There will be no pizza slices, or deliveries.

The Bee.

Inflation will be over 10 %.  For every thousand dollars you make one hundred is gone–for voting democratic.

One last prediction.

Everyone will do “meth” and be set free.


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