Paw Paw Garrett Will Fix You Up!

Well folks, it is that time of year again. The old hacking coughs that we all hate. Well Darling, I have good news for you. Paw Paw Garrett will fix you up!

I encourage you to try the recipe shown below to alleviate your hacking cough.

If it does not work after “taking roughly 1 oz. to suppress your cough”….fear not…you simply need to tweak the recipe a tiny bit.

1) Get yourself a bigger Mason jar…..the first 3 ingredients remain the same…..add bourbon until the new, bigger Mason Jar is full.

2) Call in and request a few more days off work….because you are really sick.

3) Ask someone to hide your cell phone.

4) Now relax, drink yourself silly! After all, a little Peppermint Candy, Honey and Lemon never hurt anyone.

5) When you wake up in a couple days, call in and be honest with your boss. Tell him that you took an entire bottle of cough syrup and your cough is totally suppressed. Let him know that “as soon as your head quits hurting and the room quits spinning” you will be back to work.

6) After all, any boss should understand that when your team loses on Sunday… causes terrible Monday Cough Attacks.

-Dr. Sheila Tolley-


2 thoughts on “Paw Paw Garrett Will Fix You Up!

  1. You need a medicine wagon and a map to all the county fairs. This stuff would sell. My granny had a similar recipe which I received on many occasions. She didn’t have much money, so it was usually Old Crow or Old Yeller Dog.

    • That is a great idea, Phil. I will find me an old wagon and paint Sister Sheila, The Medicine Woman on it.

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