Marc is a scummy, bottom feeder, POS like many dems who can’t follow the rules.  He should be in Congress or the DOJ.

The Republicans should already be showing 30 second videos of every Biden screw up.

Aaron said the guy is a bum.

Were any jurors not molested, did they work for Andy Cuomo ?


Let’s indict ole Bill.

Is Gwyneth trust worthy ?

Some people need a little Hickory.


This is one reason America is history.

This is another.

If it wasn’t for pedophiles CNN would have no viewers.  It is like a cult or coven of witches.


I hope this is as successful as Hubble.

Before long a lot of people will have more bat DNA than the Wuhan Bats.  This may help you understand the mumbo-jumbo.


The New Year Editor:  Are you ready for some 2022 questions, LL ?

2022 Cat:  I sure am.

Who do you mean when you refer to dems, d’s, democrats, or Democrats ?

I am speaking of anyone who supports open borders, open budgets, open jails, open news, and open voter booths among other things.  The R’s are a bit more patriotic.  Here is a democratic deer.

This is from the American companies that support Chinese slavery–NBA, Google, Apple, Intel, and many more–how do you pronounce “Uyghur”, the Chinese slaves?

The Bee.

China owns us, thanks to our crooked government–D’s and R’s.  They have moved up to number 1.  Nukes are the only thing that can protect us.

China moved their space-station.  This is funny because they blew up a satellite a few years ago to show us that our satellites are helpless.  They created thousands of pieces of space junk that can knock out satellites.

One last thing on moving–TikTok has moved  to number one in its class.  It is Chinese, Trump tried to ban them from our data, but the dems refused.  It isn’t a place to get psychological help.

The Onion.

Good luck, it is a crazy world.


2 thoughts on “THE SPHINX—ANSWER CAT

  1. Be sure and catch 1883 on Paramount Plus. A lot of the show was filmed in Granbury and Fort Worth as well as West Texas along the Brazos. It’s tough to watch at times, gunfights, blood and Indians killing settlers, but it’s a great Texas show.

    • That is a great idea, Phil. I will find me an old wagon and paint Sister Sheila, The Medicine Woman on it.

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