Liberalism is for people who don’t get out among the commoners.

Mega Millions has a bunch of money.

Your government and Pfizer want to release data over 75 years–just like the JFK assassination.  Maybe The Supremes will stop them.


Way out West,  Apple promises to give employees Alpo to eat.

This is why our employees retire when they are 90.  Pigleosi is a C word.


Congress loves monopolies, they give big campaign donations ( bribes ).

Another fake.


What fraud, Joe ?  It’s the tip of the iceberg.

Another fraud is what you are told to eat.


The Western Editor:  What is happening out West, LL ?

The Snow Cat:  More stuff than you can shake a bunch of looters and murder indictments at.  Semi trucks are making progress.

Maybe the Western states can get some H2O relief.  Tahoe gets some global warming, 16 feet of snow.

Alaska is too warm.

This is Los Angeles in the Golden Age.

Native Americans have an enormous population increase.  It is because White people identify as Native Americans–Elizabeth Warren, or Pocahontas as we have come to know her, is a wonderful example.  My new word for 2021 is in this article.  Pretendian–is that a great word or what ?

This is from Washington State, I hope the bill supporters and their families aren’t killed.

They have 2 years of crimes without punishment–the people must want to be stabbed with sharpened sticks.

Biden abandons the fight against COVID just like he abandoned our citizens in Afghanistan.  He might move to San Jose.

Someone finally wrote an important tweet.


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