If the Republicans get control of the HOR and don’t start their own committees and impeachment, they are stupid or bought off.  If they can’t play hardball don’t run.

You never know.

Is there a curse ?


You can’t embarrass CNN, they have no conscience (  owned by AT&T ).


Mercedes-Benz goofs.

If Trump runs again he wants 50% of CNN and MSNBC’s increase in viewers revenue.


The Inner Mind Editor:  What is going on with minds, LL ?

Woozy Cat:  Humans have unusual minds.  It’s no wonder that about 10 %  are in the outer-limits.

The Chinese are probably developing this for the dems, all Republicans will be guilty and have their organs sold.

A bunch of ancient things have popped up.

About 6,000 years ago Neolithic White People decided to get a jump on the White Privilege Thing and domesticate plants.  They also decided things worked better if you had rules/laws.

After domesticating hamsters, they invented beer and liquor from their wheat, barley, rye, etc.

Get out those Motorola and Walkman players.

Vote Republican–Rand Paul has plans for Fauci.

The  Bee.

This is our first Rhythm and Blues ( R & B ) of 2022.


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