RIP Dobie.  Gilligan was on this show before Gilligan’s Island.

These jokers need our truth-collar when answering questions.


I hope he has to take money from his BLM donations to pay the actors.

Airpod is the new shape for some women.


Some Calvin & Hobbs history.

The Bee.

Maybe Rittenhouse can have a group libel/slander suit.


The Follow The Stars Editor:  Your title is unfinished LL, are you OK, do you need an intervention ?

The Astrology Cat:  My title was too long for the letterhead.  It should read:

Astrology is older than almost any other human belief.

TFTSE:  It sure seems complicated, can you simplify it for our loyal readers ?

I sure can.  At first glance Antonio might seem to be in a tight spot in this video.


One writer has this explanation.  According to his horoscope he had no control over things.

Our readers might check what is in store for them today.

TFTSE:  This might not be over.  One person said the coach tried to get him to play on an injured ankle.  The National Football Players Association (NFLPA ) will work things out.  Antonio is like Bill Clinton trying to wiggle out of a tight spot.  Before this article is printed he will be trying to tell us the meaning of ” is “.

TAC: One thing our readers should try to engage in is easy conflict resolution–you can avoid Antonio’s problem.

TFTSE:  What if the “be nice plan” doesn’t work, TAC ?

You take the fools out behind the gymnasium where Biden was going to beat up Trump.

If that doesn’t work you can give people like Schumer and Pigleosi a choice if they want Republican DOJ officers to investigate their insider trading and influence peddling or get a new necklace.

Don’t get complacent listening to political polls and political creeps, get another R or I to vote.  Don’t lose your freedom.

Cancelling the first video screwed up my article.


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