Congratulations to the University of Georgia Dawgs.

75 % of COVID deaths were people with 4 other diseases or serious health problems.

Look what the NYT wrote.

Tom protects his teammate.

Make sure you vote Democratic.


This is a repeat.  The whole trial is a JOKE.  Where are the abusers ?  Prince Andrew is mentioned, what about Bill Clinton ?  It isn’t racism that is systemic, it’s a systemic corrupt federal government.


I hope they go bankrupt.  It is funny.

Pigleosi fish wash ashore in California.


The Macadamia Editor:  Are you talking about Peter Paul Nuts, LL ?

The Walnut Cat:  No, I’m talking about nutty people, or in the teacher’s case, a criminal act.  I have lost most of what respect I had for teachers– they want to make the curriculum for their classes.

I am not listing everyday crimes in NYC for a while, they shown in links to The Federalist, RedState, Townhall, etc.  I hope R’s are protecting the ballots this year.

Win or lose the HOR, Pigleosi’s reign is written.  Maybe the House will crush her, and her lap dogs, Schiff, and Nadler.

This has legs.

The Bee.  If Grant wanted a challenge, some laws are twice as long as the Bible.  Maybe a trans-sexual woman will try.

It isn’t time yet.


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