They should use Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and both Bidens, for the experiments.

Vote Democratic.  Everything in the world is caused by Trump, Climate Change, and/or COVID.

We know Nancy, Congress, and Federal Government are more crooked than a corkscrew.

Who did it ?


Trump’s site is almost ready.

I guess the Cherokees will move back to Georgia, USA, and Tennessee.


Your Senators are concerned.

The Boston Marathon terrorist killer gets $1,400.00 check in prison.


The Spore Editor:  What is a fungi, for our indoor readers, LL ?

The Toad Stool Cat:  Mushrooms are a good example.  Here is a little info on the Netflix special FANTASTIC FUNGI.

Loyal reader/contributor RW contributed info on this festival, in Northwest Georgia, USA.,_Georgia

TSE:  Don’t mushrooms have a psychedelic chemical in them, TTST ?

Down The Rabbit Hole Cat:  Some sure do, but some are also poisonous-and can kill you.  Before you go poking around in the woods, get someone like those that killed Jeffrey Epstein, who know the ropes ( or towels ).  This article is very long.  You might need some psilocybin to finish it.

See if your elected officials are on psilocybin.  Did Alice eat them?


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