Biden is an EVIL FASCIST, just like Pigleosi and Schumer.


Today could be your lucky day.

Review the trades of Pigleosi’s husband, in other Sphinx’s.   WOW

McDonald’s evicts unvaxxed 4year old cancer patient from McDonald house in Vancouver.


Washington state is dying on the vine, don’t stop now.

Joe could replace Job in the Bible.

Job was in a tight spot.


Bit coins are having problems.

A new memorial is coming.


The Ultraverse Editor:   What is the Metaverse, LL ?

The Outer Limits Cat:  I am still trying to understand, maybe our loyal readers can help me.  Here is some information.

Melania sells an NFT item.

Cadillac has a fantasy sex car.  The mile-high club and now the 65 mph club, unless otherwise posted.

This is interesting.

Until the Ultraverse is finished Britney will give us virtual nudity.

The Social Media companies want your and your kid’s soul.

TUE:  What are your thoughts of the Meta, Mega, Ultra, Virtual, etc., verse TOLC ?

It’s all about fantasy or a make believe place.  The companies involved want to run your life.  You would be better of taking LSD or Psilocybin.

Here is John Lennon’s fantasy.


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