Our readers in the Northeast should check their local weather.

Prince Andrew loses his Royal perks.  Where is the indictment for Bill Clinton?  Justice-what justice ?

Biden’s Royal Mandates are illegal.  His lawbreakers are foiled by The Supremes, Sinema, and Manchin.


Save our Republic.

Pompeo says that every time CNN told a lie he lost an ounce.


Banished words.

New York City has a built in scum, corruption, sex abuse get out of jail free card for elected officials.


I’m Judy-Fly Me Editor:  Are the old days coming back to the airlines, LL ?

They Might Cat:  It’s possible.  I wonder why airlines are OK to travel, but not cruise ships.  Where is the love ?

With bird crashes, imposters, and every type of Wuhan Flu in the Greek Alphabet, it’s no wonder that United is putting condoms on their planes.  The big choice for management is ribbed or lubricated.

Here is old tiger news.

The movie stars might be flying to safer places.  They are starting to feel like the Manson Family is back in business.



  1. I was born 50 years too soon. Today I could open a Charlie’s franchise killing movie stars. I would fly Judy to different locations.

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