Too many are thieves, and the other thieves won’t prosecute them.  The voters don’t care,  YET.

This has been going on for months. Nancy’s nephew, the Governor, is getting those cargo ships unloaded.

The courts are too little–too late.  Money talks.


USA Today tries to normalize pedophilia—-VOTE DEMOCRATIC.

Biden makes corruption systemic.  Vote Democratic.

Why should any White person join any organization that calls them racist, White supremacy bigots, and is run by traitors Lloyd & Milley ?  Enlist your buddies in Antifa and BLM.


The social media companies need the same regulation as NBC, etc.  Every private company and person in America is regulated.

The Onion.  Be prepared if you joined a fitness club for 2022.


The Public Health Director in Connecticut needs to be indicted before thousands are killed like Cuomo did in New York.

New York City has to crash/burn, and rise from the ashes.


The MNOP Editor:

This is the Greek P, or at least the pronunciation.

This is an infamous “P”, supporting insurrection/anarchy in Wisconsin.

Pope Francis is a card carrying Commie “P.”

A Playboy Party Poodle turns into a doper.  He needed Dante to escort him.

The Bee.

This is another “P” with issues.  One in the photo looks like Jerry Nadler.

This is a double “PP”.  The Police lie about the Proud Boys.

A violent political organization wants to wear their trash to work.  Go work for the DNC.

Privacy and safety are hard to come by.

Pit bulls are killers.

Another double “PP”, parrots and prostitutes.  Over the years, I don’t recall the book of customers being released from any of the madams.  Heidi, The Mayflower Madam, even Ghislaine and Epstein’s records and videos will not be released.  That’s good news for Bill Clinton and others.

Popsicles in North Carolina.  All politicians should be tested for the truth in these lift-chairs.


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