The dems should put this retardo on the Supreme Court instead of Kamala.

Sex between a man and boy sounds like PEDOPHILIA, maybe the new Governor, Youngkin, can indict the creeps.

Why do Republicans not act like spiteful, viscous, unethical Democrats when they get a majority ?  Trump, DeSantis, and the Virginia Governor, Glenn Youngkin, need to control the party.

Sinema is a Democrat.  No informed person believes anything on CNN, a unit of AT&T.


Give every illegal a Benjamin and a Republican Information card that says welcome.


Money talks.


The Science Editor:  Do you have some interesting science info, LL ?

Gravity Cat:  I sure do, this isn’t a surprise to me.  The moon, as small as it is, can move the oceans of the world. It makes sense that the moon and the sun’s gravity has an effect on everything.

This is a new space telescope that might answer questions of our past.

This is the lost time between smoke signals and smart-phones.

The lost temple of Hercules might have been found.

These are examples of two species killing themselves.

This is a theory, not a fact.

This is interesting.

The Bee.

How to save some birds.

For our sanctuary states/cities.


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