DeSantis should open a trinket shop.

Almost every American company in China has sold us out, with the help of Congress.

We know, from the Trump frauds, that the FBI needs a good Hillary Bleaching.  Speaking of Clinton !!!

NPR is a democrat Dung Beetle.


These commies can’t surprise me with anything–maybe the truth.

America is crashing under its own corrupt officials.  Hollywoodland is crashing under its own wokeness–good riddance.


Here is a hero from Cambodia.

The R’s should stop approving criminals.


The Blinking Editor:  Do cats show affection, LL ?

The Maybe Cat:  Some do, maybe.  Humans are usually better than dogs.

Use paper.

I haven’t seen any major changes in DC ethics.  If 80 % are crooks it doesn’t matter.

I will miss CNN– they once had over a thousand viewers.  AT&T, their owner, can keep them afloat forever.

Mayor Bowser is requiring photo ID and vaxx passports to eat dinner.  We have known all along the ID voting position, just like walls, don’t stop illegals.  NYC solved the problem, non-citizens can vote.

Biden is shown here standing next to Virginia’s ex governor Northam.

All are liars.

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