Pelosi , Bowser, and Byrd should all be tried for murder.  The DOJ is a co-conspirator in the cover up.  They didn’t even interview Byrd.

Trump’s false charges on everything prove the Secret Service under the DHS are traitors.  The media covers it all up.

After the traitors, including Pentagon advisers in Trump’s White House, I bet the next  ” R’s ” clean house like the Virginia AG.

Biden’s at-home COVID test has its’ site up and running, hopefully better than the 5G AT&T locations near airports.  It isn’t a big deal, it just screws up the planes altimeter.

Medical shortages are also here.  Go ahead, vote for the dems again.


No informed person believes anything these thieves, crooks, and killers say.  Pigelosi and Mayor Bowser were also involved.

Those French speakers are ready.

Science has many faces.


Who cares, anymore ?


The What About Editor:  Are you ready for questions, LL ?

That’s It Cat:  I sure am, but first let me get my 9th last thoughts on the Wuhan Flu out of the way.

I hope they all move to Red States.

Cheer up your friends who are retiring.

TWAE:  You didn’t answer any questions.

I was imitating Biden and Psaki.  With court nominees like this Marxist, it’s no wonder they circle back so much.

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