Biden says if Russia invades Ukraine it will be a misdemeanor–like murder in NY and California.

The dems are Marxist, commies, Maoist, Leninist, freedom sucking Dung Beetles.  Think of Sinema and Manchin as Orkin.

Pigleosi and the others should be tried for insider trading.  Destroy their illegal perks.

Youngkin gets started in Virginia.


Life is short.

The Chinese were busy little Chinese Bees.


The inflation rise is the most in 40 years.  Vote democratic.


The Genie Editor:  What would you like, LL ?

Arachnid Cat:  I want a Black Widow spider tattooed on my head.  If the spider tattoos are stuck in the supply chain, I want a mange infested sewer rat.  BW’s, like democrats, have been known to eat their young and mates.

Birds are smarter than you think.  They have puzzled people since the beginning.

I would like to see HOR members, Senators, and Joe run from the birds like a bunch of kids.  What a trip !!

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