The only thing protected in sanctuary America is Nancy’s Capitol-Washington D.C.  Even dems who disagree with Joe and his Gestapo will be investigated.

These bodies should be sent to Nancy and Schumer’s offices.

Ole Bill and Andy.

What happened to the FBI ?  They are corrupt democrats.


Prepare for a wonderful birth.


Kamala is a product of California’s radical, liberal, budget busting DEMOCRAT PARTY.  She has always been who she is now.  It isn’t surprising to anyone in politics, but they needed a Black Female.  Hillary is 10 times worse than Kamala.

Joe is on duty.


The Two Faced Editor:  What’s up in Liar-land, LL ?

Same-O-Same-O Cat:  It’s the same BS, but our readers have to be informed.  In the first link, Joe is asking the social and other media to keep censoring/lying about the news.

Mitch is your basic rich “go with the wind” DC insider.  Several R’s want more commitment to Trump’s America First Policy.

The debates need reforming.  Is my memory failing, or did Hillary get questions in advance, did moderators keep asking Trump about untrue White supremacy issues, did Joe skip a debate ?  Joe won’t be running in 2024.

Georgia, USA is doing well.  Make sure you vote for Stacey Abrams, we need Al Sharpton to get a room in the Governor’s mansion.

Your Democratic station, CNN ( owned by AT&T ) sux.

This is why Pigleosi, Maxine, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pocahontas, Biden, and the other tax-suckers get elected–dumb voters.

Another Democratic Liberal city not enforcing laws for 2 years and wondering why people rob, steal, and kill.  They cause it.

Men/trans competing against females is a Democrat stupid policy.  Maybe women will wake up and protect their daughters.  Scroll down on the second link.  Olympic qualifying women lose to high-school boys.

This is a true story from the 1924 Olympics.


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