Joe is a great Statesman.  He is a creepy influence peddler.  MSM is turning against him.  Don’t believe anything they say.  They are trying to save the midterms.

This could be any visitors from a sanctuary state.

This is a stupid rule.  It looks like the democratic voting plans.  Play 15 minutes in overtime.  I want justice and equity.

Their viewers are getting fewer and fewer.

Hochul is as crooked as Cuomo.


Fortunes are made by dealing with Communist slave holders.

This is funny.


This is the correct pronunciation of the country once called Turkey.

If you are under 30, you will find this hard to believe.  The dems want concentration camps.


The Lottery Editor:  Did you win the lottery, LL ?

Poor As A Church Mouse Cat:  No, but guess who increased their fortunes?  What a surprise.

A lost fortune and Black Diamond.

This artist’s work is worth a fortune.

This artist must be woke.  The photos are repulsive.

This artist needs to partner with Hunter.

This is absolutely true.  The second link shows a displeased horse.

What does 5G interfere with ?

Life should be simple.

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