Justice Breyer is retiring.  Biden’s choices for a replacement are Kamala, Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams, Pramila Jayapal, Aunt Jemima, Whoopie Goldberg, and Maxine Waters.

Maybe Senators Sinema and Manchin want a Conservative Justice.


If you didn’t know that China owns us, you haven’t been reading The Sphinx.  Read this new number 1 best selling book.  Check it out from the library, if you don’t want to buy it.  There is another book with the same name without the hyphen.


Our loyal readers, especially in the Northeast, should be prepared for weekend weather.

This would be great.  He could investigate the HOR criminals.  It would give CNN and MSNBC real news to misreport.

Maybe the R’s could unsneak the illegals to Biden’s beach house, or Obama’s mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.


Biden is considering answering questions at a press conference.

Do you really know what your devices are recording ?


Good luck with the Wuhan Flu.

Break these monopolies up.

The FBI is an arm of the Dems.


The Prosecutor Editor:  Who are the criminals today, LL ?

Dick Tracy Cat:  I like the diplomats first–they have immunity–like politicians and the rich.

How sad, the crime is moving into Hollywood.

Ninety shipping containers a day were broken into in Los Angeles ( a sanctuary city ).

We know Fauci is innocent.

I couldn’t tell if Miley Cyrus was attending or not.  Maybe it was the University of Michigan President.

Dirty earbuds are a crime.

Who knows about smart guns ?

The New York Mayor lets another business die because of crime. He says crime is a perception.  He is the product of graft and corruption.

California dreaming.  The California dream was killed by Liberalism and Democratic Politicians.


  1. Well what the Hell! No transgenders, queers, or illegal Mexican criminals in the mix? I refuse to use the word “gay” because the original definition of the word doesn’t fit today. Biden is the evil the Bible warns us of. I’m looking forward to the Arch Angels coming down to burn us all to a crisp.

    • You are right Phil,,,,With Biden….Everybody qualifies except A WHITE STRAIGHT PATRIOTIC AMERICAN WITH MORALS.

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