You get what you vote for–your new Governor, Mayor, and DA are BLM/Antifa/criminal stooges–enjoy.

Our Miami, Florida readers have some below 40 degree weather on the way.

Mitch needs to get busy on this, do it for the past 5 years of lies, deceit, and half-truths.  Remember the hundreds of threats to pack the court ?

The NBA should move to China.  Read LeBron James’ Chinese connections in the book Red-Handed.

Georgia Republicans should have some poll watchers in DeKalb, and Fulton counties.

DeSantis has a message for Fauci.


Maybe the National Republican Party can follow suit.

This cultural theft must be corrected.


Our archives include this video to show Sinema and Manchin saving America from sick-infected-puss-running, democrats.

John Deere is evolving.


The Origin Of Species Editor:  Do you believe in evolution, LL ?

Creator Cat:  I don’t believe one species will turn into another species, say a bird turns into a dinosaur.  Creatures do evolve with time and environmental changes.  Here are photos neo-humans.  They have a body, but lack a soul or spirit.

Here is one way food might shape changes.

Humans have tried to time travel since forever.  Here are some science fiction examples.

The first link has a photo of Yvette and a Morlock, a democrat from the future.  Nancy and Schumer look like this without makeup.

Mr. Peabody was successful on Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Marty was successful in Back To The Future.

Use the Power of Love to be mask free like Pigleosi or Tax the Rich AOC.

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