I want to see some people testify to Biden’s nominee as a smoker, joker, midnight toker.  I want a male stripper testifying and at least 1 creepy porn lawyer representing him.  I want drunken sorority stories of her drunk and having sex with witnesses that no one can name, at houses they can’t identify, with memories as bad as Joe’s.

Here is a good democrat calling Senator Sinema the C word.  I hope Krysten remembers it when the vote comes up for Biden’s new commie nominee for the Supremes.

A new plane load of midnight illegals.  Impeach FJB.

Hirono is retarded.

Biden is making a non-crisis so he can save America from the Ruskies.


What a surprise.

I left my crowbar in San Francisco.


This is one reason Republican supporters get discouraged.  When their candidates win they are weak and too nice.  They need to be ” Bastards & Bitches ” like Nancy & Schumer.

What a man.


The History Editor:  Who is your great American for today, LL ?

The Rough Rider Cat:  Today’s great American had his statue removed from the American Museum of Natural History, located in commie NYC, NY, USA.

I bet my orange spots that almost everyone reading this has a bear named for this President.

The Hershey Bears have a Teddy Bear contest.

Here are some facts about Teddy.

We can surely get by without the self-righteous liberal/radical/dems who try historical figures by today’s laws, customs, rules, etc.  Go burn down a building and do a little break-snatch-and loot.

Here’s to Teddy.  Instead of one of Psaki’s Margaritas, have a Bloody Mary.


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