Here is some history of Ukraine.  In 2014 Obama and the CIA started messing around.  The same CIA that brought you the Vietnam and Iraq wars.

Trump’s rally.

Another crooked political family is exposed.  Nothing will happen because too many movers-and-shakers are criminals/traitors.

Alvin Bragg is a liberal-radical-crooked ex-cop.  Family members of crime victims need to organize.  The one by one eulogies won’t get the crooks out of office.

I hope Mitch makes some sparks fly.  He is a ” R “, but not an America First guy.

Almost every organization, that once did admirable work, is political now–that’s where the money is.

MST thinks this is funny.  Chris should join the above mentioned ADL.  Will Rogers once said, “When the Oakies left Oklahoma and moved to California, it raised the I.Q. of both states.” That quote applies here. When Chris left Fox to go to CNN, it raised the IQ of both networks.


Let’s see some ads knocking the dems.  Joe & Kamala are poor targets.  They might not be around in 2024.  The party is the enemy of America.

Netflix may have to fire Obama.


Help beat the Wuhan.  The free Margaritas only lasted 2 minutes.


The Cold Editor:  What did your poll from our loyal readers reveal, LL ?

Answer Cat:  81 % want to see ads in non-sanctuary states reminding everyone that:  THE DEMOCRATS, not Joe or Kamala, are responsible for the shortages.  They want to see some ads.

TCE:  What else, AC ?

They want to see everyone switch to Skittles.  The Brown Democrat Latinx MM looks slutty in the high heels.  The new Green Woke Version looks like a street-walker in Go-Go Boots.

This rider got justice.

This should answer our many golf questions about who will replace Paige Spiranac.

This is a crash scene where democrats were harvesting voting ballot boxes.  The missing leader has since been captured.  I wonder if the little dems were infected with Fauci viruses.

Adele cancelling her Vegas engagement is more bizarre than looking at Pigleosi’s eyebrows.

Let’s get rid of Joe and get the right man.


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