February is Black History Month.  Get some Black Culture, and forget about BLM and the MSM.


These bigots and racists want taxpayers to pay their student loans.  Use your campaign donations to pay personal debts, like Stacey Abrams.

Nuns like to party.

The NFL is a slimy organization.  Birds of a feather………

America needs to send our Liberal-dem-msm-big business-commies over to help them out.

Prince Andrew Diary.


Support these guys.

A definition for Long COVID.

The Murdaugh Diary.  Alex has no shortage of charges.  I still think he was involved in the killing of his wife and son.


We have an under-the-bus-President.  Are your food store shelves half empty?

This is funny.  Californians had a chance to recall Newsom, Nancy’s Nephew, but they blew it.  Choke on your rail road thefts.


Banana Republic Editor:  Are you experiencing shortages, LL ?

Havana Cat:  We have all kinds of shortages.  Pretty soon we will be driving 1953 Buicks like the Cubans.  Amigo is thinking of importing our own supplies.  He will use a tall-ship for bulk items, and a fast sail boat for liquor and dope. 

BRE:  Will you use the Panama Canal, HC ?

No, we are going around Cape Horn like real mariners.

BRE:  Is Amigo a dope fiend ?

No, he swaps it for new zoning codes and government contract low bids.  Here is a local politician, we recommend Zippo lighters.

Here are a few of Joe’s failures.

There are no shortages of cultural appropriations.

Skip Disney–keep their money in short supply.  They own the lying network ABC.

They have no heart.  The Tin Man even looks like Joe, on his way to chop up some Republican babies.

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